6 bedroom town house to rent Lanciano - Palazzo Lupini in Lanciano

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6 bedroom House
for rent in Lanciano
Central Italy
Private, spacious, holiday home to rent in the ancient city of Lanciano, in the Abruzzo Region of Central Italy. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and sleeps 13 comfortably with fibre optic WiFi, washing machine and 200 meters to the city center


6 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
separate spacious kitchen
private parking
fully centrally heated
balcony with views
light and open feel
200 meters to the city center
quiet spot

Nestled within the ancient city of Lanciano, where history merges through cobbled streets and age-old buildings, Palazzo Lupini stands as a testament to time's enduring architecture. Dating back two centuries, this charming abode resides serenely along the quaint Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, a street echoing a medieval era. As you wander down Via Garibaldi, you'll pass beneath the watchful gaze of a 15th-century stronghold, traversing dark, lanes now the site of classic concerts and shows. Palazzo Lupini invites you to savor the delights of city living, just moments away from Lanciano's vibrant heart, offering a sanctuary of tranquility.

Palazzo Lupini transcends between past and present, where every corner whispers tales of antiquity with modern conforts. Renovated with meticulous care, the house retains its original character and whimsical charm. Upon entering the ground floor studio flat, once a stables for horses, now transformed into a sanctuary of modern comfort, you're greeted by sturdy iron doors and the warmth of thick wooden stable doors. The studio flat "The Stables" offers a separate kitchen and bathroom with a shower - MORE -.There is an option to access the main house via an internal door.

The second ground floor studio flat "Roses" hides behind iron doors, shaped as wild roses rising from the old streets. The original arches in the walls and art deco tiles send immerse you in timeless charm. There are 2 single beds in this cosy flat with a basic kitchen and ample bathroom with shower - MORE -.The only access to the main house is via the main front door.

From the solid, wooden front door, ascending to the upper floors, the main house unfolds with a seamless blend of historic allure with contemporary convenience. There is a separate, spacious and well supplied kitchen and lounge with bathroom with a shower and double bedroom on the first floor. Up the marble staircase to a further 3 double bedrooms and bathroom with tub and hand held shower. There is a small, secret door in the bathroom, through which you find a few steps leading up to the final level, the terrace, with views around historic Lanciano.

While mere steps from the bustling center, the property offers the whispers of the past mingle harmoniously with the rhythms of the present. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Piazza Garibaldi, where every cobblestone tells a story and every storefront evokes nostalgia. Here, amidst the bustling marketplace and the quaint shops of yesteryear, you'll find yourself transported to a bygone era—a place where the simple act of shopping becomes a journey through time. Amazing, icecream, coffees, bakery, meat and fish mongers and the traditional food market.

Whether you seek solace in the intimacy of a studio flat or dream of hosting loved ones within the embrace of Palazzo Lupini's walls, this enchanting retreat offers a haven for weary souls and romantic spirits alike. Let Lanciano's timeless charm captivate your heart as you indulge in the embrace of Palazzo Lupini—a sanctuary where every moment is steeped in the poetry of history and the promise of new beginnings.

Located 15 minutes to the sea(-info-), 40 minutes to the mountains(-info-), 60 minutes to Pescara airport (-info-) and 3 hours to Rome and the airports (-info on Ciampiano- or -info on Fiumicino-).

Day trip ideas? -info-

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Review of Palazzo Lupini
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