Older than Rome, a great traditional City - Palazzo Lupini in Lanciano

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About Lanciano

Italians' favourite time of the day is early evening. It's still warm, and the streets in front of the house are quite. The sky turns red and sat on the balcony you can watch the sun setting behind the mountains. This is the right time to go out and take a walk downtown.
Evening drinks in Lanciano
In general, Italians during the walk, as well as greet each passerby, love to talk
Best icecream in Lanciano
and to gossip with friends and relatives who meet on the street. Above all they love to do it sitting at the table of the bar of confidence, sipping a Spritz or non-alcoholic cocktail accompanied by an aperitif or enjoying a fresh and creamy ice cream. In fact the streets are full of people of all ages, starting from the employee who relaxes after work, to get to the little boy who has fun with friends. It is surprising lively but then at 8.00 o-clock they all disappear into their houses to start their evening dinner.
For dinner you can choose fresh fish which is a little more expensive but with a light local white wine makes a memorable meal. You could instead eat succulent meat. Lamb and sheep are the Abruzzo specialties but also beef fillet is good. Otherwise there is the quicker more informal option like pizza. Don't worry about taking your small children because they are accepted, and usually adored, anywhere you go.
Night life in Lanciano

After dinner in the summer, Italians go out for a walk with the family, and every bar puts some music to dance and have fun all together. Instead, when it is colder, this happens only on weekends.

Lanciano is a very beautiful mediaeval small city which dates back to 1098 B.C. It has a population of about 70,000 and is 269 meters above sea level. Lanciano still maintains its antique character and warmth as a typical real Italian city. The city is based on rolling hills which steadily grow higher as you head towards the

Visit Lanciano
mountain. It is 15 minutes from the sea, 45 minutes from Pescara airport (flights available from Ryanair) and 50 minutes from ski resorts (by car). 

Just over an hour away is Italy's third biggest skiing resort Roccaraso. There are a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants where you can eat any type of local cuisine. There are some unique historical and architectural buildings and churches and there is a world famous Eucharistic miracle housed in Lanciano.
Scattered around the hills near Lanciano are towns and villages with local specialties and secret beauties to discover on day trips.
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